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What are our Coaches 3 Hobbies in the Winter???

Mac Jenkins

1. Golf - I am a scratchy golfer at the best of times. My handicap is currently 11 so I’m doing my best to get down to single figures by the summer! I had my first ever golf lesson a couple of days ago, and I can say my swing needs a lot of work....

2. Uni - Currently studying Law so I’ll be digging my head into the books for the next couple of months to make sure I can get some good grades.

3. Gym - Going to try and put some weight on over the next couple of months with a bit of extra gym work + will work on some running to make sure I stay fit.

Joe Hart, Mac Jenkins, Nic Hay

Nic Hay

1. Uni - Currently studying Sport and Exercise Science, I will be studying my way through the winter, towards the end of the second year of my degree and continuing to work as a coach for both cricket and AFL, implementing the knowledge I learn along the way.

2. Live Sport - I will be doing my best to get to as many of the Sydney Swans and Wests Tigers games as I can this off season, making the most of cricket free weekends to support my favourite teams.

3. Golf - As with the other coaches I love getting around the course, despite being good enough to enjoy the time out there, it’s still a good challenge for us all.

Joe Hart

1. Golf - Like Mac and Nic when it turns to winter I become a wannabe golfer. Don’t have a handicap yet but have been doing my best to improve!!

(Have a look at the video below)

2. Gym - Trying to put on some weight in the off season. I have just joined a new gym up in Newcastle so I’m excited to test it out.

3. Basketball - I love my basketball and especially the Houston Rockets, although they have been struggling lately, my game on the social court has been improving.

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